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Yasin M Din LL.B, LL.M, M.A, Esq. is an Immigration Barrister who is accredited by the Law Society, with 25+ years experience as a lawyer. At ADL Barristers, we offer an expert service for all your legal advice and advocacy (representation in court) needs.

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Are you a UK based Pakistani who has property or land in Pakistan? We may be able to assist you....


Direct access allows you to instruct a barrister without engaging a solicitor or a legal representative. Some barristers are direct access and other barristers are not. Direct access barristers fall into two groups, those who can conduct litigation and those who cannot cond...


We understand the immigration rules and procedures can be complex and difficult for many people, but we have the specialist experience to deal with all the types of hearings. As Barristers we are not limited, we have the right to appear in every court and tribunal so wh...


Sharia compliance is to observe the Sharia as part and parcel of the daily life of a Muslim. The term Sharia is a reference to the Qur’an and Sunnah (which includes the Hadith). By the operation of the Sharia, Muslims are guided as to how they should live and treat others...


Judicial Review is a mechanism for a person or a company/ body to challenge a decision made by a public body or court or a tribunal. The decision is then reviewed by a Judge allowing the Judge to quash the decision, however, there are strict time limits in bringing a Judici...


Where a person has been detained by the Home Office, the detention maybe unlawful. We can review such cases and advise on the merits of any application. Where applications are made it will be on a conditional fee agreements. The Government has the right to detain individ...

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What our clients say

We treat our clients with the upmost care and professionalism

Highly professional, competent and thorough service. Always tirelessly working to achieve the best possible outcome for all clients. Would certainly recommend to anyone who requires representation at court.

Been represented by Yasin Din for a number of things including Power Of Attorney and purchase of land both relating to Pakistan, I cannot recommend anyone better.

Very dedicated and highly experienced lawyers we got very quick respond with our queries regarding our case. It is a fantastic company with knowledgeable professional lawyers and staff. I highly recommend them to everyone because we had a very successful outcome, I'm very happy.

My husband needed urgent help during the pandemic and Yasin made everything easy by dealing with us through virtual meetings. The end result leave was granted to my husband.

My experience with these Barristers regarding my immigration matters particularly with Mr Yasin Din, was phenomenal. From the first telephone conversation that we had, he put my needs and necessities first in a professional manner. Any queries regarding my case, I was able to rely upon Mr yasin Din responding to my concerns quite quickly and concisely and in a very highly professional manner In addition to this, Mr yasin Din and his professional associate working for him and his team Mr farook did his utmost to ensure our face to face meetings were just as forthcoming and informative. Mr Yasin Din delivered his expertise in an efficient and swift manner and all our meetings regarding my case with immigration I would highly recommend Mr Din on his excellent knowledge and understanding within the law firm

We've had an amazing experience with Mr Yasin for dealing with the issue in regards to the charity. His expert advise and knowledge were second to none. We were able to get a very swift and quick response in regards to our case with clear instructions to what was needed for the success of the case. He went on to provide great guidance on what to do after the case had finished. We will most likely be using Mr Yasin again if the need arises. We highly recommend Mr Yasin and his firm for any legal advise.

Professional through and through when it came to my wife's successful entry application. They were punctual in responding and although the fees are higher, the service is superb.

It is with regards to the above that I write this review of Mr Yasin Din . We have found Mr Din a very helpful honest and someone who possesses a vast amount of knowledge in relation to any given issues relating to our company requirements. The company has throughout been very professional in handling our company needs with the utmost discretion and care. As a result we look no further and sort all advise and handling from Mr Din.

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The Criminalisation of Immigration Law

Over the past few decades there has been a gradual increase in the number of offences that have been brought into force by various pieces of legislation to target the area of immi...

Want to apply for your spouse to join you in the UK?

Anyone familiar with the Immigration Rules will know that they can be a minefield and a failure to follow them will result in the application being refused, so it is important that...

A woman’s right to a Khula

A woman’s right to a Khula. Islam gave men the right to divorce a woman and the woman the right to be released from her marriage, by doing this God placed both on an equal footin...

Talaq Process According to the Schools

What are the major differences among the schools when it comes to the pronouncement of Divorce?...

What is the position regarding the Mahr of a Divorced Woman?

The Mahr also known as the Dower belongs to the woman (verse 4:20) and on any divorce taking place, the man should not ordinarily ask for the woman to return the Mahr...

Do Sharia based Islamic contracts have a place in the English legal system or not?

Do Sharia based Islamic contracts have a place in the English legal system or not?...

Can you recover the Dower through the courts or not?

An essential element of any Nikah is the Mahr (Dower), but this is not the same as Dowry....

Talaq al-Mal v Khula

Talaq al-Mal v Khula What is the difference between a divorce divorce for a monetary consideration (talaq ala mal) and a Khula?...

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