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Family Law

Yasin often appears in the family courts and deals with private law matters involving access to children and financial disputes.  He deals with Private law matters in the area of Contact with children, interim contact orders, enforcement of child arrangement orders, Fact Finding Hearings, and final hearings.

He also deals with the issue of ancillary relief when it comes to Financial issues and deals with matters from the 1st appointment through to the final hearing. Applications to set aside or vary consent orders.

His knowledge of Islamic law comes to the fore when dealing with the issues of any beneficial interests when the marriages are underpinned by Islamic law as well as the impact of Zakat, Hadana principles and the application of the Haq Mahr when it comes to gold and jewellery and its enforceability.


His extensive background in criminal law is an asset when it comes to disputes between parties which have to be resolved by fact finding hearings and he has been very successful in this area.


Yasin deals with cases from the first hearing onwards as well as interim applications.  He regularly conducts hearings in the sphere of private law involving children, custody, access as well as dealing with the financial aspects including applications to set aside consent orders or variation of orders made.


Yasin deals with cases involving the immigration status of a partner as well as cases where a partner has criminal convictions which are being used in the family courts

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