Are you a UK based Pakistani who has property or land in Pakistan? We may be able to assist you.

The issue of land grabbing is very common in Pakistan and affects those who are living there and those who live abroad.  In essence land grabbing is where one parties claims that they own the land or property when it is owned by another. Often documents are altered to hide who is the true owner.

The UK became a home for many Pakistani nationals some who have been here since the 1950’s. These nationals either retained their land or they bought additional land and property in Pakistan. Given the distance involved the land or property often would have to be entrusted to others, primarily family members to look after or even live in and it is only years later that issues arise due to a death in the family or family members falling out with each other which then leads to the disputes. The only option for those who live in the UK is pursue legal action in Pakistan and that involves having to travel to Pakistan.  The fact a person lives aboard makes it that little bit harder to try and resolve the matter as you may have never been to Pakistan or if you have you only went as a visitor.

We have offices in AJK and  we shall be opening an office in Islmabad shprtly. We have dual qualified advocates who will be able to help you with your issues.

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