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Why have anyone else when you can have a Barrister from the start?

ADL Barristers was set up as a direct alternative to clients having to instruct Barristers through Solicitors or legal representative. Historically it has been the case that to have a Barrister you needed to go through a Solicitor or a legal representative, that changed with the introduction of Direct Access . ADL Barristers are authorised to act on a Direct Access basis and have the authorisation to conduct litigation which means that we can act in to act in a similar way to a Solicitor or a legal representative without having to rely upon them. The advantage of coming directly is that the costs are likely to be less and more importantly you will have access to the person who will be presenting your case from the very start. You will be informed as to the merits of the case from the outset and if we believe your case lacks merit, we will advise you. This is a barrister led service which is available directly to members of the public, where the members of public do not have to wait to see a Barrister.

Mr. Yasin M Din
Mr. Yasin M Din
Mr. Yasin M Din LL.B (Hons) LL.M (Judicial Review) MA (Islamic Law) Inner Temple Year of call: 2004 Also based at 2 KBW, Temple, London

Yasin  is a common law Barrister who specialises in the areas of practices Immigration, Family, Islamic and where there is an interest for him Crime. He has amassed years of advocacy appearing in the courts and the tribunals and as a result it is clear and to the point so everyone can understand what is being said and more importantly why.

 Yasin by his nature is a person who enjoys studying and this is reflected by him having 3 degrees, he never stops learning as he enjoys being challenged.

 Yasin strengths lie in his ability to read huge amounts of papers and  be able relate to the person he is dealing with, Yasin is approachable and this stems from having worked with less advantaged people such as refugees, vulnerable people and charities. He has worked pro bono in the past and is advocate for the charity Bail for Immigration Detainees.

Yasin undertakes direct access work and is one of a few barristers who can litigate as well; he also is member of the Bar Councils Direct Access Committee.


Yasin is often instructed to appear in complex immigration matters and he sought out for this type of work. Yasin has built a nationwide practice and regularly appears in tribunals across England & Wales.Yasin deals with cases where the government is seeking to strip nationals of their citizenship, remove them from the country, or to deport them for criminal behaviour.  He deals with cases such as suicide risk under Article 3, applications under the ADR route or the interplay of medical issues to Article 8 which often involving complex legal arguments. It is rare for him to be instructed on the simple immigration cases; he is often chosen for complex and difficult cases. He is often asked to settle grounds to appeal in cases which he has not been involved in.

 Family Law

Yasin often appears in the family courts and deals with private law matters involving access to children and financial disputes.  He deals with Private law matters in the area of Contact with children, interim contact orders, enforcement of child arrangement orders, Fact Finding Hearings, and final hearings.

He also deals with the issue of ancillary relief when it comes to Financial issues and deals with matters from the 1st appointment through to the final hearing. Applications to set aside or vary consent orders.

His knowledge of Islamic law comes to the fore when dealing with the issues of any beneficial interests when the marriages are underpinned by Islamic law as well as the impact of Zakat, Hadana principles and the application of the Haq Mahr when it comes to gold and jewellery and its enforceability.

His extensive background in criminal law is an asset when it comes to disputes between parties which have to be resolved by fact finding hearings.

 Yasin deals with cases involving the immigration status of a partner as well as cases where a partner has criminal convictions which are being used in the family courts.

 Family law and Islamic law Interplay.

In family cases involving Muslims, Yasin’s knowledge allows him to advise on what could fall within the realms of financial proceedings as well the impact of Hadana when it comes to child contact.

 Family law, Criminal law and Immigration law Interplay.

In family cases there can be an overlap of the above areas and Yasin has the knowledge to deal with all the aspects which flow from these arenas. He is familiar with what occurs when a person is arrested by the Police or detained by the Home Office or charged by the CPS and what impact these can have on family proceedings or immigration etc.

 Islamic Law

Yasin has a master’s degree in Islamic law. Yasin can advise on Sharia based contractual agreements such as Musharakah, Mudarabah, Murabahah, Ijara, Salam and Istisna.  He can advise on Nikahs, Hadana, Mahr, Khula, Talaq and the role of a Wali.  When it comes to divorce the issues that flow into the family courts.

 Yasin also writes papers on Islamic law which can be found on the Academia webpage;

  •   'I-Muslim - Could the evolution of Artificial General Intelligence lead to an Artificial Muslim https://www.academia.edu/85782643/I_Muslim_Could_the_evolution_of_Artificial_General_Intelligence_lead_to_an_Artificial_Muslim_YASIN_M_DIN_LL_B_Hons_LL_M_MA_Barrister_at_Law  
  • Are the Narrators of Hadith historian? And are Hadiths part of the historical records?
  • ·       The Unintended Similarities between the Qur’an & the English legal system https://www.academia.edu/84549116/THE_UNITENDED_SIMILARITIES_BETWEEN_THE_QURAN_and_THE_ENGLISH_LEGAL_SYSTEM
  • ]How a non-qualifying Nikah could give rise to similar rights as a qualifying under the   Marriage Act 1949 without the need of having to change the law

Judicial Review

Yasin has a master’s degree in Judicial Review. He regularly drafts Judicial Review grounds, Pre-Action Protocol letters and conducts Judicial Review permission hearings.

 Criminal Law

Yasin has a substantial Criminal background as listed by the case involvement and where a case interests him, he can be persuaded to act.


Yasin speaks English, Punjabi, Mirpuri and Urdu (basic).



  • The Queen on the application of AF v SSHD JR  2022,  The SSHD sought to transfer a Romanian prisoner to serve his sentence in Romania without having regard to Article 3. Permission granted to judicially review the decision of the SSHD. Matter delat with by way of consent order and prisoner was not returned.
  • SSHD v TIH  2022– application to strip an Iraqi of his British nationality pending in the Upper Tribunal after successfully arguing that nationality should not be stripped in the FtT.
  • SSB v SSHD 2022 - application to strip an Indian of his British nationality pending in the Upper Tribunal.
  • LN v SSHD 2022- permission to appeal to the UT obtained post refusal by the FtT re an application under EEA regulations.
  • JK v SSHD 2022– FtT refused applicant and although he did not appear in the hearing permission to appeal against the FtT ruling has been obtained.
  • UR v SSHD 2022 – Did not appear in the hearing but has obtained permission to appeal against the FtT ruling based upon a death of a partner which was eventually refused by the UT- https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2022/HU056232020.html&query=(Y)+AND+(Din)
  • SSHD v VP 2021 – SSHD sought to overturn the ruling of the First tier that parental relationship existed between two adults who were not related successfully defended and no error of law was found. https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2021/HU024402020.html
  • MLA v SSHD 2021 – successfully argued that there was an error of law resulting in fresh hearing  where a Judge had been misled by witnesses in the First-tier hearing. https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2021/HU198582019.html
  • MD v SSHD 2021-  Successfully argued that a trafficked Albanian female could not be returned to Albania after the first found she could - https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2021/PA121422019.html&query=(din)
  • SS v SSHD 2019 – successfully argued in the case of an Iraqi national that the first tier had made an error to warrant a rehearing in the first tier.
  • SK v SSHD 2019- successfully argued that the first tier had made an error resulting in the appeal being allowed by the Upper Tribunal https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2019/HU019412018.htm
  • SSHD v SR 2019 – Deportation matter returned to the First Tier  for a new hearing. https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2019/HU097282017.html&query=(Y)+AND+(Din)
  • DV v SSHD 2019- successfully argued that  the first tier had made an error by placing the burden on an EEA national to show the marriage was genuine  https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2018/EA062992016.htm
  • GM v SSHD 2019- First Tier Decision challenged on procedural fairness https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2019/HU024562018.html
  • SSHD v JK & Ors 2019- SSHD appeal against granting of appeals based upon Human Rights https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2019/HU163602018.htm
  • SL & Ors v SSHD  2018 – successfully argued that the first tier had applied the wrong test when considering if it was reasonable for a child to leave the UK http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2019/HU212432018.html
  • BHT v SSHD  2018 – successfully argued that the first tier had made an error when assessing if an EEA national was exercising treaty right  http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2018/EA089472017.html
  • HK v SSHD   2018 – Appeal allowed on Human Rights grounds by the Upper Tribunal - https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2018/HU240462016.html&query=(Y)+AND+(Din)
  • SSHD v SR 2018- SSHD appeal against the decisions of the First tier to allow an appeal against deportation.
  • MKB & Ors v SSHD 2018- First Tier Decision challenged on material consideration https://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2018/PA053092017.htmlS
  • TM v SSHD 2018 Appeal against EEA rights http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKAITUR/2018/EA032492016.html
  • The Queen on the application of  SB v SSHD JR/6353/2019 -Applicant  was a victim of DV. Grounds for JR settled, SSHD consent to reconsider and grant ILR.
  • The Queen on the application of  LH v SSHD JR/1508/ 2019 –  Oral permission hearing. Certification challenged on the basis that the Applicant had provided evidence to show he was LGBT.
  • The Queen on the application of MK v SSHD JR/1111/2019 – Oral permission hearing challenging the certification on the basis of para 276ADE.
  • The Queen on the application of BK v SSHD JR/5912/2019 – Grounds for JR settled challenging procedure adopted on curtailment
  • The Queen on the application of SK v SSHD JR/2256/2019 – Oral permission hearing challenging the certification on the basis of EX1(b)
  • The Queen on the application of AA v SSHD -JR/1748/2018- Oral Permission granted in the case of an out of time application regarding fresh evidence
  • The Queen on the application of ID v SSHD -JR/2289/2018 – Oral permission hearing sought to challenge that the SSHD had not property exercised discretion under para 254HD(r)
  • The Queen on the application of AG v SSHD 2019 – Grounds prepared and settled for failing to take into account Fresh Evidence
  • The Queen on the application of BK v SSHD 2019 – Grounds challenging the certification of a human rights claim

Notable Criminal case involvement

  • R v Calderdale MC, ex parte Donohue & Cutler (2001) Crim LR 141
  • R v Teesside Crown Court, ex parte TH & others Revocation of bail
  • R v RC. Murder
  • R v AR & others. Murder   
  • R v RHA & others. Murder
  • R v HA & others. Murder
  • R v LC & another, Murder of a child
  • R v SB Murder
  • R v ZA Murder
  • R v TL & others. Attempted Murder of an alleged paedophile,
  • R v BM. Soldier charged with multiple counts of Attempted Murder
  • R v MK & others large scale conspiracy to supply class A involving 16 defendants
  • R v JH International drugs conspiracy spanning India, Greece, Germany & Philippines involving 16 defendants
  • R v NN & others. large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs involving 17 defendants
  • R v JM & others.  large-scale conspiracy to supply of Class A drugs
  • R v SH & SA & others.  2-year undercover drugs operation
  • R v TH & others Large scale drugs conspiracy involving class A drugs
  • R v MB. Terrorism -First prosecution under the glorification provisions
  • R v AM Theft of medicines which were sent to Syria.
  • R v CB & others. cash for crash scam involving 44 defendants.
  • R v DK & others. Kidnapping of a drugs courier by a drugs gang.
  • R v MA & others. kidnap & torture involving a drugs gang.
  • R v MR & others -Exploitation of vulnerable girls
  • R v RN & others Exploitation of young girls.
  • R v DS non-disclosure of HIV status pre consensual sex & mitigation.
  • R v MR – large scale mortgage fraud
  • R v SA & others – Conspiracy to supply class A drugs.
  • R v TM & others. large scale drugs conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v SA & others. Conspiracy to supply large quantities of class B drug. 
  • R v SM & another Conspiracy to supply class A drugs



LL. B(Hons)


MA (Distinction)



Law Society’s Level 2 Immigration Accreditation


Professional Membership

Honourable Society of the Inner Temple



Bar Council Direct Access Committee

Member of the Western Circuit


Pro Bono

Advocate for Bail for Immigration Detainees


Yasin Din is employed by and works on behalf of Cromwell Law Limited. Cromwell Law Limited. is a limited company with registered number 12165532. The registered address is Independence House, Holly Bank Road, Huddersfield, HD3 3NX. Yasin Din and Cromwell Law Limited are authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board, for more details please visit: www.barstandardsboard.org.uk

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